About …

Designed from the inside-out !

…What a concept !

After years of “Going Commando” (without underwear), we found denim jeans to have the least comfort.  And, so we began to look inside.

All fabric has two sides:

An out-side (finished and soft)
An in-side (unfinished and rough)

Of course, we still wanted our nice finished side to show, …But, we also wanted a soft side against our skin.

Like most garments, little attention is paid to the inside, (In jeans), the denim has rough seams laying against your skin.

And, so it began…

Whitney (our designer), took a pair of cotton boxers (another garment where the inside is rough and with seams) turned them inside-out and lined a pair of jeans.

It was amazing!  Putting them on for the first time provided instant comfort. Wearing them proved even more comfortable – the cotton lining moves with the jeans and doesn’t get bunched-up or travel into areas it shouldn’t!

After wearing and washing, we then began to look at the construction, to see if we could further improve on fit, comfort and style.

Thinking from out-side the industry proved successful. We questioned everything.
We examined every measurement, how the jeans moved with you, the materials and textures.

Additionally, we researched color and wash. What’s the right color / shade for day, evening, winter, summer? And, what provides a soft finish.
Everyone wants their jeans to be just that… jeans.

This means versatile, the right fit and comfort for a variety of places and activities. “Casual Friday”, School, Parks, Night Clubs, Starbucks, etc.. Jeans shouldn’t be too dark, too light and should have a vintage style.

Commando Jeans are here…

The perfect combination of Comfort and Style in the worlds most popular garment!